Gambling is a really attractive way of leisure and an instrument to get profit, especially, when it concerns NetEnt platforms. This software supplier offers a diverse choice of exciting amusements and incredible rewards. Nevertheless, a person should conduct registration and provide certain personal information on signing up time and in later stages for playing with real money or even for free. Significantly, an individual shall be sure that all data mentioned are safely stored and shared only in exceptional cases.

How Online Casinos Protect Your Personal Data

netent casinos personal security

There are many elements and features of NetEnt casinos at SevenHeavenCasino, which ensure the highest security level towards indicated information with casinos. Indeed, there are licenses, privacy policy, consumer support, the quantity of the requested data and who has access to it, etc. Moreover, a trustful company also employs a modern encryption system which protects all given info. Currently, there are two main technologies: Secure Sockets Layer and Transport Layer Security, which are known as SSL and TLS respectively. They function similarly and, generally, have 128-bit encryption. Thus, each time some details are disclosed, it creates a unique password with 128 digits of 1 and 0 in random order. In practice, an individual can verify whether safety measures apply by seeing “https” or a padlock on the URL line.

Reading Privacy Policy

NetEnt platforms always include a separate web page concerning all crucial features about personal data and how it is treated. Read carefully everything mentioned there and note the most crucial facts. Among various details, pay attention to your obligations and relevant rights, how long a company keeps information, which choices are available in respect to this topic and which actions are possible in case of disputes. Normally, casinos follow “minimization” principle which emphasizes that only relevant and necessary details are requested as other demands may infringe the person’s rights.

How and When Your Data Can Be Used

The information indicated on the casino’s website discloses all relevant material concerning privacy policy. Mainly, such data are asked at the registration procedure. Nevertheless, special details in relation to responsible gambling or refer-a-friend bonuses as well as accounts to social networks might also be necessary in later stages. Moreover, there is a “cookies” technology, which applies automatically and allows determining instantly preferred language and ensures that various bonuses are targeting a relevant account. A platform also clarifies why some info is needed and which third parties have direct/indirect access. Overall, it helps to respond to enquiries, grant promotions, comply with legal requirements, pass anti-fraud tests (if required), allow external auditors to evaluate the company, etc.

Providing Relevant Info within Registration

data protection in netent casinos

Among the first steps to enter the gambling world is to complete a sign-up process. It gives the access to a large portfolio of different amusements and authorizes to get welcome bonuses. Nevertheless, it also demands providing a certain information from a consumer. Normally, the system asks for name, surname, email address, residence place, phone number, age (birth date) and nationality. Even more, sometimes users shall present a proof of the identification and share banking details. Moreover, there might be additional fields to fill in, but we recommend fulfilling only those which are necessary and must be indicated to proceed further (normally, they are marked by special signs). Significantly, declare all these details correctly as, otherwise, a person may not withdraw money to his/her external account.

Checking the Casino Licenses

An important feature which clearly shows whether you can trust a company with private info is the licenses. This document shows that a platform has complied with all legal standards and requirements of a country which issued it. A player should consider only certificates form public authorities of the states which regulate gambling wisely and have really powerful legal rules in this field. It includes Canada, Malta, the United Kingdom, Costa Rica, Panama, Gibraltar, etc. Normally, reputable NetEnt casinos possess more than one such permission to broaden the territory where they can function. It demonstrates that personal data will be stored in a secured place.

Get in Touch with the Customer Support

Additionally, users shall analyze the possibility to contact the support office of a casino for any clarification or other enquiries regarding safety measures of personal information or any other topic. This service is for free and does not impose any limitations regarding the number of questions. Such division of a company is available 24/7 without any exceptions as people may play from different countries having diverse time zones. Normally, these assistants can understand all languages of the casino’s operation and provide you with throughout answer within 24-48 hours. Moreover, there are various options of communication, including phone call, online chat.